What Is A Smart Ring and What Can It Do?

The wearable tech market is evolving. Smart rings are emerging, and while it’s no surprise since they’ve been in development for a good number of years, we are still impressed with the number of features being rammed into some of these finger-wears.

But what exactly is a smart ring?

In layman’s term, a smart ring is a fashionable ring which has some cool tech feature built into it. Just like your smartwatch or smart bracelet, a smart ring ideally comes with a few tech features. Some with an NFC chip, some with an accelerometer, heart rate monitor or sensors.

Many of these smart rings can synchronize with your smartphone through Bluetooth so you can get more information on the data being obtained. Depending on your budget, there are lots of these ‘smart rings’ on the market. Some are just slapped with the ‘smart’ tag, whereas they don’t really have tech which would pass as smart.

Is a smart ring good?

Generally, smart rings are decent pieces of tech, although some categories of smart rings are a lot better than others. For instance, some of the rings available on the market can do extraordinary things like tracking sleep. These slim rings don’t inconvenience your sleep like the typical sleep tracking device which is usually worn on the wrist.

Some smart rings are fashionable and while not with lots of tech features, they still possess similar tech like sensors for tracking certain metrics.

If the need to constantly charge your device puts you off, you’ll appreciate having a smart ring. Due to their lack of screen, they tend to last longer and don’t need the constant charging to be active.

Types of smart rings

We would be classifying smart rings into two based on their features.

  1. The basic smart rings: These are those with basic functionalities. These smart rings typically come with NFC chip and can be used to perform functions like unlocking your phone, opening your door, storing data. They are of course priced comparatively cheap from $2+
  2. The advanced smart rings: These are more tailored rings with more advanced features. Some can track all types of metrics and even sleep. But they don’t come cheap. You should expect to pay a premium price usually over $100.

Who’s a smart ring for?

As you’d expect, smart rings are not for everyone. Due to their design, they tend to be bulkier than regular rings or your beautiful wedding band. Some people would of course not appreciate a fatter ring.

Also, functionality-wise, they can be helpful for continuous tracking, but unlike smartwatches, you can’t see stats in ‘real-life’ or get notifications on these bands. You’d have to be ready to keep peaking into your phones to get any stats you need. So, if you’re comfortable with getting stats through apps on your phone, a smart ring is for you. The good thing is, you’d get less screen time (after all we’re trying to get this generation away from their phone screens).

Our Recommended Smart Rings

If you’ve considered everything and feel like a smart ring is something you’d like, here are two of our favorite smart rings on Aliexpress.

  1. Jakcom R3F NFC Smart Ring



Made of epoxy crystal ceramic and amorphous titanium allow, the Jakcom R3F smart ring is embedded with high-speed NFC chips which can be used to control your mobile phone (phone lock, app lock, etc), share information with others. The NFC chipset can be used to imitate and copy different IC/ID smart card chips like a house door, elevator card, parking card, transportation card, shopping card and more. Also, it doesn’t need charging and it is waterproof.


  1. NFC Multifunctional Intelligent Ring for Android


This NFC multifunctional ring is not just fashionable but also intelligent. With the NFC (Near Field Communication) chip, it’s able to perform certain functions like phone unlocking, sharing information like name card and URL, quick app launching and more. It’s also water-resistant and can be used without power supply.


Final Thoughts

If you are considering buying a smart ring, it’s best to start with a budget-friendly band. You can get acquainted with it and if you’re impressed with the basic functionalities and would love a costlier option, you can then go ahead and explore other market options. The two smart rings we’ve listed are great choices to begin exploring what this wearable promises.


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