The Predator Chalk 1080 Review

In this article, I’ll be reviewing the Predator chalk 1080, seeing what makes it special, why I made the switch from Master Chalk and why you should think of switching if you haven’t.

If you are an experienced pool player like me, you would know that having a reliable pool stick chalk is important. You want the perfect shot, and you can only achieve that by chalking the tip of the stick with a high-quality pool stick chalk to add the needed friction between the cue ball and the pool stick tip. Since friction gets the most energy transferred from the stick to the ball, you need a chalk that gives off the most friction.

Enter the Predator Chalk 1080. I got the Predator chalk with hopes of getting a better game, you know, more aggressive shots than I’d normally get with my previous Master chalk. And I’d say, so far, I’ve been impressed. The predator 1080 chalk is unarguably one of the most reliable pool stick chalks on the market, and definitely the best I’ve used so far.

Technically, they put their all in it, as it was developed after roughly five (5) years of research, and beta tested for about three (3) years by top players of the game. More so, the Predator Chalk 1080 is formulated with pure silica to produce a chalk of high-quality (which ultimately means more friction for me) for greater consistency while playing, as a regular player, I love the rationale behind this.

Predator’s 1080 pure chalk’s interesting design is something to compliment, as it’s easy to spot, meaning you would probably never forget it on the table. But, as a fervid player of the game, I won’t say that’s my best feature of the predator 1080. That would be its high ability to retain friction. The chalk improves and retains friction on the cue ball longer than most chalks on the market, thus enabling longer on-tip chalk life for increased spin. I’ve used the chalk on my pool stick to get some incredible spins I’d never have thought I had in me.

Let’s just say that with a tube of predator 1080 containing five (5) pieces of chalk, I’ve got the best value for money and can consistently continue with my winning streak. Did I mention I’ve got a lot fewer miscues?

The predator 1080 covers the pool stick thicker than most chalks on the market. With better application coverage of the predator 1080, you are more comfortable and confident in your game which also impacts your game positively.

The only drawback I have with the predator 1080 is its lack of varied color options. But that’s a negligible feature when seeking out a pool stick chalk.

Overall, the predator chalk 1080 is a tried and tested pool stick chalk that adds that needed friction to keep you winning with the perfect shot. I’ve retired my master’s chalk earlier than planned and I would say it’s been the best decision in my cue life.

It’s formulated to get you better, thicker coverage and longer on-tip life, so you don’t keep chalking but your consistency and accuracy are not affected. Need budget-friendly chalk to win more games with less miscue? Think Predator 1080 chalk!



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