Why We Love Video Content and Why You Should Too

The year is 2019 and information continues to get gobbled in minutes. Marketers cannot underestimate the importance of content in their marketing strategies. While we jointly agree that ‘content is king’, we have to agree that there’s a special kind of content which is king, and currently, video content is that one true king.

Experiential marketing or engagement marketing proves this point and is one reason a lot of marketers love video content and use them in their marketing, and why you should love it as well. Facebook Ads which are a crucial part of most marketing campaigns encourage the use of video content adverts (even converting multiple images to video) to get the most engagement and conversions.

A couple of reasons why video content is gaining prominence in marketing campaigns include:

Video content increases conversions and organic traffic

According to Moz, blog posts with videos tend to get 3x more link juice and as such are usually favored by Google which results in higher organic traffic. Adélie Studios also supports this notion stating that companies that utilize video content in their marketing receive 41% more organic traffic than companies that fail to use videos. Asides the beneficial aspect of sending organic traffic, video content helps convert visitors into buying/paying customers. It is said that homepages with videos are 20% more converting than those without. And landing pages with videos are 80% more converting than those without.

Videos help visitors retain more information

There’s also the benefit of information retention. According to Pop Video, receivers of information via video would retain 95% of this information. Readers will only grasp about 10% of the information they read which makes this a lot more incredible.

The crave for videos is insatiable

‘Father of Economics’ Adam Smith believed that human wants are insatiable. While we won’t be dabbling into economics, but considering the way the public love video content, even more than marketers do, we can all agree that the crave for videos is insatiable. A survey by bufferapp sees that 43% of people want more marketers to utilize video content. What this means is that, if you aren’t using video content you’re probably missing a chunk of your prospective customers. Video content consumption is growing rapidly and isn’t going down anytime soon. In fact, most businesses have chosen four genres to focus on – explainers, how-tos, testimonials, and product demos.

If you are a marketing agency and you’re not using video content in your campaigns, you should definitely get started today. If not for any reasons, for these three reasons:

  • 40% of consumers say that video marketing increases the likeliness of them purchasing a product or service while on their mobile device (Adobe Survey)
  • YouTube has 11.3x more hours viewed compared to Facebook including web and app. Also, on a daily basis, Americans go on YouTube and watch 8,061 years of video content, against the 713 years of video content watched on Facebook. (VentureBeat)
  • “How to” searches on YouTube are up 70% every year! (Google)


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